Car Wash

Blog Post created by nwtw on Feb 26, 2020

Yesterday I took my car in for an inside/outside cleaning.  That was Day 27 smokefree.  They did a great job and ended up pulling 7 half empty water bottles from under the seats. Embarrassing, since I try not to use plastic, but I decided to blame that on the nieces and nephews.


When I got home I looked in the back seat and found that they had also found a cigarette and placed it carefully on the seat where I would see it.  Yikes.  


I can honestly say that was the closest I have come to a cigarette in nearly 4 weeks.  I held it for a while, squeezed it a little to see how stale it was, and I smelled it.  The I noticed the dime on my seat.  I always think that when I find dimes they are from my dad, who passed on 9 years ago.  I took the cigarette directly to the outside trash can and forgot about it.  Thanks, Dad.