If I could make it today

Blog Post created by noknowingwhereweregoing on May 12, 2018

I can make it any day. 


Boredom is my biggest weakness. I would rather continue my boredom than face what I’m feeling. Maybe boredom is the wrong word. Maybe it’s loneliness. 


Regardless of word choice- I didn’t smoke today. Taking the pledge and remembering I took the pledge throughout the day helped me a lot. Also just thinking. Just today I won’t smoke. That helped a lot. 


Not going to lie- I tore my house apart and my car apart looking for cigarettes. But I didn’t find any. I didn’t ask my friends for one or stop for one when I left the house. 


One small step step for Julia. (That’s me). 


Thank God. All I can say is thank god. Because I am absolutely lacking in any willpower whatsoever!!