Quitter's payments

Blog Post created by noetoez on Jul 23, 2020

SO I got an idea. 


Cigarettes in California are redonkulously expensive. But I ALWAYS had cigarette money. Even when I really did not have the money to buy cigarettes, I never went without them. If I never let anything stop me from spending money on something so freaking bad for me, how can I possibly make excuses about not having money for something good for me?


I am currently in the middle of day 13. My pocket has not had enough time to get used to the extra money. The time to redirect it is now. I just have to decide what do with it. 


I did the math. And it made me so angry with myself. I was spending between 9 and 10.50 a pack. So let's say 10 bucks. Every 3ish days. Sometimes I could make a pack go to 4 or 5 days. But lets say 3 days. In a 30 day month, that is 10 packs. That's 100 bucks! 


Almost 1/9 of my monthly mortgage was spent on cigarettes, Every Single Month. WTH.


How much faster could I pay off debt if I pay 10 dollars extra every 3 days? 


How long would it take to have the money to do something nice for myself, if I saved 10 dollars every 3 days?


My budget wouldn't know the difference. Maybe I save for a milestone, and reward myself. And then put it to debt after, to continue to reward myself long term. Maybe make it my annual vacation fund? What's my reason for not doing good things with that money forever?


Feeling foggy and tired, still not sleeping great. I can go to sleep ok. It's staying asleep that is the problem... But the thought came through the fog. Something for me to consider.