Not Where I Will Be

Blog Post created by nevergiveup on Feb 13, 2020

Although I continue hovering/visiting the website pretty much daily now/still, I am not where I want to be which is smoke free. I saw a post earlier today that included me in a milestone. I wish & I will but I am not there yet. Was going to respond directly to that post but since I'm guessing the website is being updated and/or having issues again today, I haven't had luck finding it again.

Anyway, I am not trying to beat myself up but rather practicing and being aware of self-care. There is/has been more happening in my life besides what I have chosen to share on here which I choose to keep private by choice. I do, however, greatly appreciate all of you and your ongoing support to say the least. I had 50 consecutive days (+/-) smoke free in 2019 so I know. I just KNOW I have it in me.

@Mark Can you possibly resent my calendar/clock so that I can reset it again when I restart.

Peace to all,