Directional Change?

Blog Post created by nevergiveup on Dec 4, 2019

I'm not sure if the term Directional Change fits,but I'm gonna roll with it anyway. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! My was nice...cooked & ate too much...the usual.


Shoutout to Colleen -- WOOT! WOOT! -- on her year! Was super excited to login this morning and see her AWESOME accomplishment!!


Halfway through reading Allen Carr's, "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking." My mindset continues changing, evolving if you will. Refreshing to say the least! Certain things in my life are coming together better than I had hoped. A few others, not so much but it'll be okay & I'll be just fine tackling those I can do something about by breaking them down. Trying to laugh more & not take this journey so serious.