Day 4 (or 5?) Quit!

Blog Post created by mypalbiscuit on Oct 8, 2019

Today is the first day that feels easier since my quit day (technically I threw my vape away and put on the patch last Thurs at 5 pm, hence the ? for my day count- it just depends on how you count ‘em). 

I’ve been using the patch since I began, and for my first couple of days I also used the gum when experiencing strong cravings. On day three, I started delaying using the gum as much as I could and trying other techniques to get me through my cravings. Deep breathing, distracting myself, getting on this site, playing a video game on my phone, etc. It has gotten better, and today I haven’t used nicotine gum at all! 


Less irritable today, too... thank god