Random Thoughts 5/17/2019

Blog Post created by mrios5776 on May 17, 2019

Several years ago I took up gardening. I did it for my wife as a Mothers Day gift. And slowly but surely the bug hit me. I have been caring for the atrium plants in our office for many years now but never really thought about it as gardening. More as something to check off my work list.The gardening at home though that was different, I was doing it for someone I love very much. 

 And to start with small vegetable plants and watch them grow over  a season is so cool! Not only are you responsible for their well being, you also get the fruits of your labor. The loss of a plant can be so heartbreaking but the growth of a plant can make you feel so proud! 

Gardening is very much like life. We plant ourselves, take what nutrition, water and light nature provides for us and watch ourselves grow! The growth in us is only "limited" by our thoughts or attitudes. We care for our plants; on this site we care for each other; What a wonderful way to grow our garden! Take a deep deep breath, exhale, read a blog, read comments, watch the garden grow!