Double Ds

Blog Post created by mpnaegle on Sep 20, 2019

Okay, today I am at 10 beautiful smoke-free days!!!!!!!  This week was a bit rocky at times but I definitely feel much, much stronger today.  Between my crazy schedule and life just being, well, life-y, it's been a rough ride at times but I am not going back.  And thankfully I have money in my pocket from this quit...$110.00 so far and counting.  I can't believe that cigarettes are now pushing $11.00 a pack, but then that's more reason to stay quit.  This weekend life will calm down once again by Sunday--my first day completely off from both jobs since September 2nd (Labor Day) so I'm probably going to stay in bed all day LOL.  Well, here's to many more days of freedom to come.  Thank you to everyone who has cheered me on and encouraged me here.  This is not an easy task by any means but it is so, so worth it.  Hugs to everyone!  XO