Heading toward Day 8 and I am having a really bad  night

Blog Post created by mpnaegle on Sep 17, 2019

hi everyone.  There are a lot of reasons, but i just can’t shake this bad mood tonight.  For starters, i am working too much.  I am lonely, i feel like i have no life because i am always working.  I have no money because i have so many bills.  Well,am trying to save $$ from not smoking and so far ive had some success.  Everything was just irritating me today.  I started the day fine, but as it wore on, things started getting to me.  I won’t smoke, but i just want to pull my hair out.  Maybe i just need a shower and early bedtime.  Maybe i need a lobotomy.  Maybe i need to pack up everything and move to Mexico.  I dont know.  All i know is i hate pretty much everything right now.  I can’t find the silver lining tonight.  And dont get me wrong.  I will not smoke.  But nothing seems to fit tonight.  At all.  Aftet a good night’s sleep maybe i wont feel quite so upset.  But honestly right now I feel horrid.  8 days smoke free.  I am happy about that, just not about much else.  When will this all fall back into place?  Or better yet, when will I be happy with the way things are?  I guess nothing left to do but take a hot shower, drink some chamomile tea and get some sleep.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.  XO