Day 18, case of the Blahs

Blog Post created by mpnaegle on Apr 27, 2019

I’m relaxing and resting.  I was supposed to work tonight and tomorrow night at my part-time job but because of this cold not clearing up, thankfully I was able to get out of both shifts.  The extra money would have been nice but it’s food service and I don’t think being around food and hacking my lungs out would be a good idea.  So I’m home, feet up, watching tv and bored.  I took my dog for a couple walks but other than that haven’t left my apartment much.  I feel tired and I’m just feeling down.  But I don’t want to smoke.  I’ve come too far and this temporary setback of lung illness definitely is a deterrent to wanting to smoke.  I got some antibiotics from urgent care this morning so hopefully this bug will be zapped in a few days.  I just wish I didn’t feel so down tonight.  But then a weekend of rest will help so looks like it’s date night with my dog Rodes lol.  Happy Saturday and onward I go.  XO