Wild dream last night

Blog Post created by mpnaegle on Apr 18, 2019

I know both the patch and Wellbutrin have crazy vivid dreams as a side effect, so I was prepared.  But last night’s dream was crazy.  I was on this golf course by the ocean, and all of a sudden this giant wave crashed over the trees and came down where I was standing.  I got swept under the water and panicked because I couldn’t get to the surface, but eventually I made it out and the water receded.  But omg such crazy symbolism.  The wave could be me quitting smoking, and struggling to get to the surface could be symbolic of some of the challenges I’ve had in these 9 days.  It was oddly a beautiful dream, but crazy how the mind works.  Just wanted to share with everyone here.  Tonight at 10:00 PM Pacific time, I’ll have made it 10 days!!!!  Hope everyone is having a good day.