To My Sister

Blog Post created by mivida2018 on Apr 25, 2018

To my sister who is loosing her battle with freedom from smoking.

Friday will be that day that she will be disconnected from Life Support. I won't know what happens.

God has the Last word.  But I wrote this.

                                 To You my Sister my Mother my Friend


You are in my Hearth where only God can see .The whole world can Judge me. But I know and you Know we share so many moments together so may laughs that it would be hard to count. The adventures thank you sis for been my Mother for 43 years thank you for rescuing me when I was down thank you for teaching me how to work how to survive in a country that it wasn't mine Thank you for helping me when I was down you were my strength when my Mother wasn't there and you know why because she made you strong and Life made us stronger and together we came as one because my Mother was so strong . Thank you for been there when things where wrong you made it wright. You love me and very unique way that you had an maybe no one could Understand but I did. I am everything I am because of you because of you and all my sis that help me and this 43 years of my adult life Thank you