Wish me luck!

Blog Post created by missellen on May 4, 2018

So, this evening will be my first socializing with others outside of the hubs, my mom and coworkers.  There will be drinking and one of the two remaining smoking friends.  I've already advised her that she'll have to smoke outside (this to-do is at my house to celebrate her birthday--"Happy Birthday!  Here's your gift and home-baked chocolate coconut cake--now get out of my house to smoke!" LOL).


I feel a little apprehensive, but not as much as I expected.  Primarily because I don't intend on drinking, even though the others will.  I have my lifesavers, the snacks, the coffee and ginger ale.  And, hubs already knows that when she gets up to go outside to smoke, he's on duty to ensure I stay put. lol.