Feeling Crappy, but Smoke-free, so I'm Happy

Blog Post created by missellen on Apr 8, 2018

Holy cow, I feel like pooh.  Dizzy, coughing up junk, sore throat, sinuses clogged, super tired, super heavy-headed and foggy.  This is the worst I've felt since I began this quit journey--meaning the quitting, the relapses, the quitting, etc.   So relieved I chose a weekend to do this and that I'm not at work.  


Anyway, I'm just waiting for the gym to open at 8, so I can go and try to work some of this out of my system.  In the meantime, I'm going to read the site, fumble my way through some cleaning and look at the SNOW (again!).  I'm getting pretty tired of the snow, frankly.


Here's to the beginning of Day 3!