So much loss and grief today

Blog Post created by minihorses on Oct 15, 2020

Today 2 of my cats died. One I found dead on the floor at about 11 a.m. One was already scheduled to be put to sleep today.  I know it's seems silly to some people, but to others it is an understanding that it's just like losing a kid.  The one I found, my beautiful black cat Osbourne, was only 5 years old and was perfectly fine at 9 a.m., the other was my 'long, tall kitty' Niko, who was11 and had lymphoma. I tried my best to resuscitate Ozzy but it was already too late. I knew it but I had to try. We did rush to the vet just to see if he choked on something or maybe got into something toxic because I still have two cats at home. The vet said neither one and he probably died of a heart attack. I couldn't bear to go with my husband to put Niko down.  It doesn't help that I have been in so much pain I can't even walk. I'm in a terrible mess medically. Want to see three grown men bawl, lose a pet. Make it two and it's a sea of tears. My big 28 year old has been crying like an 8 year old. My 21 year old deals in shooting stuff and loud music. We went out and shot the .22 caliber air rifle at cans. It is kind of satisfying hearing the CO2 release the pellet and the clunk of a coffee can at 30 feet. Beats lighting up a disgusting tube of shredded pulp soaked in nicotine and a wrapped in paper any day. 


Goodbye my sweet babies. I will miss you until we meet again in that better place.


Osbourne (Ozzy - The Prince of Darkness)


Niko (I always called him my kitten)


My babies