The Fun Before Surgery: Concert Pictures

Blog Post created by minihorses on Nov 24, 2019

The Five Finger Death Punch concert this past Friday was kicka%%!  Four bands and the first up was a band we didn't know named Fire From The Gods and we loved them!  Rap/power metal fusion.  They are on tour with their very first album and I think they will do very well in the future.  We're new fans for sure. Next was Bad Wolves and they were awesome of course.  Their lead singer came out in a sling and he said he had a torn elbow tendon that the Doc said he needed surgery for and he wouldn't be able to finish the tour.  His response was "Man, I don't think you understand what I do for a living.  There's no way in hell I'm not finishing this tour, deal with it".  A man after my own heart. Then Three Days Grace and although they've been around for a long time and I knew a lot of songs they're not my favorite.  They did put on a good show but after being up and jumping and screaming for the first two bands I sat down a lot to rest up for FFDP.  Good thing I did because they were sooo good.  Of course last time I saw them the lead singer, Ivan, had a broken foot and a nasty cold.  He was still great but this one was awesome.  My left arm was tired from throwing horns all night, legs tired from bouncing (I can't jump due to my left knee), and voice gone.  That means it was a great night! I needed that.  Took pictures but concert pics are never great from my phone and I only have a free photo editor but here's the ones that cleaned up the best.  Even a cool black and white of Fire From The Gods stage and FFDP's skull.


The lead guitarist from Fire From The Gods jumped off the stage with his guitar and crowd surfed while he continued to play! Too cool.










This is when they do "Jekyl and Hyde".  Ivan wears his dual personality jacket, his tophat and carries a showman's cane.  He's a goofball anyway so it fits him well.