My deceased kitty

Blog Post created by minihorses on Oct 19, 2019

Our oldest cat died a month ago while my husband and I were out of town.  He was 14 with thyroid disease.  Fine the day before and then we had to rush him to the vet in the morning and held off leaving town until we heard something.  He passed away in the early hours of the next day.  He was our only in and out cat, he demanded that when he came to us as a stray, and it's weird that he doesn't meet you in the driveway and take a dirt bath. No kitty jumping in the trunk of the car to scrounge the groceries. Phantom sightings of course.  I have tons of cool pictures on the other computer but I'm going to just post a couple even though the perspective of the photos make look weird at times.  


Snowball is the Tabby cat. The black cat is Osbourne.  Fun fact: We always called Snowball 'Mr. Mayhem'. Then we got Oz and since he was a kitten when we got him he was typically mischievous. Snowball taught him more tricks quite well. So then we had Mischief and Mayhem.   This was taken just a few months ago.


So here's a reason Osbourne is Mischief:



And of course that was taught to one of my other cats, Sniper:



Oh, and I forgot the one cat that doesn't get into too much trouble. This is Niko:


Rest in peace Snowball and may you cause mayhem in heaven!


I'll post a couple pictures of him being his goofball self when I get to the other computer.