Concert Pics

Blog Post created by minihorses on Oct 8, 2019

I got some pictures of the Disturbed concert and a picture of In This Moment's stage set.  Their show was done in very dark lighting and with the fog machines going all the time.


Here's In This  Moment's stage set. Perfect for this time of year too - Spook-tober!


Now for Disturbed.  I only took a couple because I'm more interested in seeing a band with my own two eyes and that I paid to see. I'm not going to watch it on my phone while I shoot pictures and videos.


The haze is leftover remnants of some of the some of the best pyro I've seen.


This was the guys doing "Hold On To Memories" I cant remember who the guest guitarist is (on the far right)   The setup was basically the same for "Sound Of Silence" except that when Dan put down his guitar and headed to the piano a duo of a symphony cellist and violinist came out and sat in the chairs behind Dan (center).

And then they lit the inside of the baby grand on fire where it burned for the entirety of the song. David had to move his stool only so he wouldn't catch on fire but Dan had to keep playing it.  We all thought he had melted by the time he finished playing.  When they were trying to roll it offstage a couple burners would not go out even with the gas off so the roadies are blowing them out as they pushed it out! That was some crazy effects!  I so wish I had a picture of it but ya just had to be there 


Dan and John literally goofing around during a jam. Yes. we were that close!


Next up is another Five Finger Death Punch concert mostly because my husband didn't want to go with my son and I last December.  We're going to see them the week before Thanksgiving and I hope I can headbang with all these spinal ailments.  I even made sure to schedule surgery on my hand for after the concert.  I seem to love having surgery near the holidays.  Get it while the  deductible's paid for the year is my motto!