MRI Tomorrow

Blog Post created by minihorses on Jul 5, 2019

So I'm having an MRI tomorrow, yes on a Saturday. I have a condition I call CRS - Can't Remember S###  At my physical last week my Dr. gave me 3 words to remember at the beginning. About 10 minutes later he reminded me what they were.  Near the end of my physical he asked me what the three words were and I had absolutely no clue.  Since Alzheimer's runs in my family he is sending me for an MRI of my brain.  I just hope the MRI techs don't freak out when they see nothing but air in my skull.            

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But seriously, I'm scared of the results.  My 90 year old mother who, of course, has some memory problems can remember more than me sometimes.  If you stop me while I'm saying something I totally forget what I was talking about and even if you say "you were saying that..." I still won't remember it.  I also have a problem of remembering what I'm talking about even while I'm still talking.  I seriously want to be shot if I end up with Alzheimer's.  My dad said the same thing when he started with it.  He called it Old Timer's Disease in jest, when he could jest.  Just get out the ARs and use me for target practice.  Just make it look like an accident or pin a note to my shirt saying I asked for the mercy killing.