Blog Post created by lqsi12 on Apr 23, 2019

Hey all its been a bit since I had much to say but on this day @ 4:20 pm I managed to make it 100 days with even a puff of the nasty stuff. Been proud of my blood test results, even triglycerides levels had decreased to normal.  So hard to believe that only 80 some days of non smoking would improve the blood test levels so much. So for a treat to my family for their support we took a cruise out of Mobile Al. to Cozumel and Progresso Mexico.  Never had been on a cruise before so this sure was a way to forget the urges of smoking, even though there was a specific area on one of the top decks to smoke. But I saw in other areas, people sneaking Juuls hits.  Even on the very top, I asked a guy to move to the smoking area as his vap blew directly in my direction.  He had one of the large complicated devices, that would release huge clouds of the toxic mix, that I did not enjoy.  Lots of things to do on the trip but it did become a little monotonous after while.  Lots of decent food, with many different places to eat onboard. But the last day back, the wind and waves had the boat rockin and rolling real bad for 10 or so hours, so many were sea sick including my wife and daughter.  When we got off the boat our legs were still wobbly !