Thanksgiving Road Trip

Blog Post created by kristen-9.7.15 on Dec 6, 2017

Hi Friends,


Have I told you lately how much i enjoy being an ex smoker?  I went on a last minute road trip to North Carolina over Thanksgiving week, you know, since I just went through a break up. Perfect Timing! We climbed some mountains and let me tell you i was out of breath even as a non-smoker for 2 years and 3 months!  Now, can you imagine if i was STILL smoking???  I might very well still be out there unable to breathe!!  We stayed in a nice little cozy cabin.  It was a much needed get away.  The other nice part about it is we brought my 1 year old niece and NO WAY would i have been able to smoke with the baby in the car.  I probably wouldn't have gone for that reason and because i was a closet smoker.  Life is good....besides being single... again.  LOL


Our lil cabin

 Going down is SO much easier



Me in the mountains as a HAPPY Non-Smoker!  Please excuse my no make up look...I'm hiking!! LOL


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