Quitters who talk about craving

Blog Post created by karenjones on Sep 9, 2018

I am kind of sloshing around in my head that "Since nicotine plants are all mostly native to the americas,  (tomatoes, potatoes, tobacco) non new world people did not have the nicotine receptors which we now have, they evolved. I have heard, that smokers are continually developing new nicotine receptors in the brain that is why they never really feel satisfied with nicotine craving. People who quit talk about the craving. What do they think motivated them to put a cigarette to their mouths and light it by sucking in the fire. ?  Craving.  As smokers we lived constantly with craving which we constantly had to satisfy with smoking. Nobody craves so much as a full time smoker. An Ex Smoker comes up against a brick wall of craving, and then it is over. People who smoke, well, for them it is never over. The unsatisfied crave is never over except at death maybe.  But what if you do want to smoke after death?  That is hell. Quit Now. And if you have already quit, protect that quit.