Cessation Confidence

Blog Post created by karenjones on Jul 14, 2018

Today I just had that feeling that, 4 months ago, would have me reaching for a cigarette.  it is a kind of wandering restless, there must be something more, slightly irritated kind of thing. So I came here, to the Ex community and started reading the posts of really new quitters and thanking my lucky stars that I am not a day one quitter. indingrl.01.06.2011  Indingrl posted about Yul brenner  and I felt like weeping. and one thing led to another, you know there are web sites that will show you how to smoke? Yes, incredible. Anyway, I have been feeling like a real addict today. Which reminds me of why I do not want to ever smoke again. Ever. When you smoke you feel like an addict every second of waking life. Most of the time now I don't.  But when I do feel that way, I feel lousy.  116 days of not smoking.