Stepping into the abyss

Blog Post created by jtheo on May 20, 2018

No man's land stretches before me. I do not fear the journey ahead. I respect the cunningness, agility and speed that my addiction can play with my head. I've have gathered my tools and packed them in my knapsack. I am ready to join the caravan that crosses the great divide. I will take each day to live and learn. I understand there will be both good and not so good days. I will surround myself with positive people and thoughts. I will remember to take each day as it comes. Step by step I will arrive on the other side a better person, bumps and bruises for my battle scars. I will walk in the footsteps of the caravan master as well as the wisdom of the elders who have blazed the path before me. Yea..though I walk thru the valley of the addicted, I fear not. Knowledge is my sword and the help of my fellow EXers my shield. All are welcome to walk, talk and join me in this trek we all must eventually travel. There is no way around, only thru so I hold my head high and take a leap of faith.