Day 7 - Week One in the History Books

Blog Post created by jtheo on Apr 26, 2018

7 days...a week...168 hours without a smoke. I've been doing Chantix and while I was quite nervous because of some bad reviews and black box warnings, it is working very well thus far. I find cravings, triggers, and life in general have been easier for me to respond to without my continual warring thoughts on smoking that have been my downfall in past attempts. Perhaps its the Chantix, perhaps just my time to quit or a combination of the two. Whatever it is, I'm so very grateful. I'm certainly not saying its been easy nor do I expect to have a rosy quit journey. What I am saying is that I am more prepared, willing and determined than ever before. I have committed to this and protect it like a child. Nurturing, guiding, teaching, learning to grow within myself. To not only be a successful non-smoker but a better more compassionate person. I'm grateful for this journey of self discovery and while still afraid, I know I have the tools to get me through any storm.