Back at 1....

Blog Post created by josnyder72 on Oct 9, 2017

I am disappointed in myself and hate to admit this, but after a little over 80 days smoke / nicotine free, I slipped up. I debated if I even wanted to post on here. I feel as if I have failed, not only myself but all who have been so encouraging and supportive during my time here, but I need to be honest with you all and right now my heart hurts to have to look you all in the eye (metaphorically, of course) and tell you that I now have to begin again.


As I look back on why / how I managed to let this addiction once again take over, I can't seem to place a reason. I know I will need to continue to reflect and ask myself the tough questions and be honest in my answers.


I have day 1 in the books and look forward to day 2....I will continue to use this site and make sure I pledge daily. Somewhere along the way, I became a little laxed in these things and need to be cognizant that it will not be as "easy" as it seemed to be...


With deep regret,