26 Beautiful Days of Freedom

Blog Post created by josnyder72 on Aug 12, 2017

Good evening fellow EX family! I hope you all had a great Saturday!! For the most part Day 26 was pretty computer had an episode. I suddenly lost connection and wasn't able to access the internet and not having access to this site made me very anxious...I was stressed because I wasn't sure how to fix the darn thing and in that moment, I thought that if I just had a smoke that would be great....and just that quick the moment passed...I took a deep breath, distracted myself with other chores for a little bit and then just decided to restore the computer to the factory settings (and low and behold, I have access to my online life). and I managed to "problem solve" without a cigarette in my hand....another win!! Proud to share that I am still smoke / nicotine free. It's time call it a night and look forward to day 27!!