I finally caved in

Blog Post created by jonimarie on Apr 11, 2020

I finally caved in


For the last 2 days the urge has been strong

I would even lay down in bed at night and think about it


In the beginning of my quit, 

when I wanted to have that “just one” cigarette,

I would tell myself no, it is like LAYS Potato chips no one can have just one


I broke down yesterday


Went and bought a bag of LAYS potato chips

Some sour cream and LIPTON Onion Soup Mix

Made myself some onion dip for my potato chips

Ate half of it yesterday and now just finished it off


So there ya go

I can not have just one potato chip

And I certainly know I can not have just one cigarette


The difference here is my potato chip urge is satisfied for another 2-3 months

Had it been a cigarette ….well we all know how that would of went


Just don’t do it

Do not think you can have just one cigarette

Having a potato chip instead