finally getting it

Blog Post created by jonimarie on Aug 11, 2019

My life has been nothing but a series of “finally getting it”

Whether it has been smoking or any other behavioral change or view


 I do not purport to know what happens when we leave this life

Do not ponder it much other than it will be a safe joyous place


I have always believed we have been put on the earth to Finally get it so to speak

We all have been given free will

The freedom to be, choose, do what we want and can at any given moment


Our life experiences shape us

It is how we choose to view those life experiences 

as to what form we let them take on in our life


So many lately have had failed quits

How do we get them to see the light

The light has to come from within when one is ready


Why has this quit after so many quits worked for me?

A decision yes, but I certainly was nudged on by getting pneumonia finding I have mild COPD


One has to truly look at their life when making a decision

Have to look at WHY am I not getting it

Deep inside we all have the answer

That is where the hard work is, looking deep within 


Once you decide to forge ahead on a decision 

the commitment becomes easier everyday you remember the WHY I do not do that anymore


Prayers for all of us to continue smoke free days of life