Work To A Line

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jul 13, 2019

I'm not here much,

I'm just too tired.

If I wasn't working free,

I'd be fired.


      I worked two days straight and, now I need 4 days off

Monday is colon prep day. I think I'll take that one off.


      Meanwhile, my 93 year old dad just left a wet spot on the driveway.

He brought both cars over to wash for church. Some things will go on until he's gone.

You know what I noticed watching him on the security camera?

He looks down a lot.. I realize he does it so he won't fall down.


      I've been remodeling the bathroom for a week+.

I re-bolted the floor ledger to the foundation and beefed up the framing around and underneath where the stacking laundry sits because we think the weight and 30 years of vibration is what caused the floor to drop. Then after screwing the floor back down, I layed 1/4" underlayment over the old vinyl where I'd cut open the floor to work so the lines would not telegraph through the new flooring. I layed the room out from the door opening so their wouldn't be a seam to walk on.


      Don't tell anybody but I actually had to drive back to the store where I bought a narrow crown air stapler because "my staples didn't fit." I was getting upset and wondering if I had to buy proprietary nails and could only buy them at that one store, so, I take the gun back to the store and the young manager girl shows me the problem,. The staples don't ride on anything until you push the plunger in. DUH!  I have at least 5 nailguns  and the nails always ride in a track and are loaded from the top. You pull back the plunger, load the nails, and slide the track back in. 


      Here's the big finish. Getting enough of the new tile glued down so we have a toilet. 

      Again, I'm keying layout off the door opening because I want full tiles in the opening. I figured out where we needed the tiles, dry fitted everything, and glued them down. When we set the toilet a few hours later, we couldn't help but step on them. They slid, oh did they slide, and that mastic was all over our bare feet like a curse from God.

          Anyway, the curse jumped on my shirt and I had to throw it away. You don't keep THAT curse from God.

      I rested all yesterday from the two days before

Back to the line

      I went in to see the mess this morning to figure a plan of attack to finish the tile on the floor and it hit me. I needed to make a line that was straight and true to what I'd already done. I made the line and got so dizzy that, I'm taking another day off.

I slept 6 hours last night and took a 4 hour nap just now.


      What does this have to do with quitting smoking?


      Sometimes you have to reorient yourself during your quit. Sometimes you need to find the line again. You need to think of working at your quit as your purpose.

It's okay to look down to stabilize yourself.  my dad does. 


We're here to help you find your line!