....the times we thought nothing could go wrong

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Mar 24, 2019


Life happens.

It can mean everything or nothing depending on how you process it.


      I was making some hanging inner door shelves for some large glass bottles of coffee flavorings this morning. (It was 8:30, neighbors be darned.    )

      I used to be able to buy just one type/flavor but they stopped selling that flavor in my area and now shipping costs as much as each bottle so, I'm blending my own.


      I blend two flavors to taste and put into two pint bottles once a month so I don't want the large glass bottles in my way the other 48,790 minutes of the month.


      I didn't get to the store so I was making due with the materials I had here

      Being that I'm a carpenter, it takes me longer to run a cord and set up the saw than the actual dozen pieces take to cut. I was limited by the length of one of the leftovers so I make one unit a inch less than the other two.

The last cut was figured so close, it kicked the staple and store tag out the end.

      When I was sweeping up, I found it, with my foot.

      Everything was going well right up to the end.


Don't let one bad moment ruin your quit

You can talk yourself out of it.