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It Is Achieved Gradually.

      99.9% Of Quitters Don't Just Put Them Down With No Mental Preparation.

That Doesn't Mean Someone Can't Quit The First Time. Many Here Have.

They Had The Knowledge And They Applied It In Their Own Way.

      Seed Ideas Are Where My Songs Come From. They Don't Have To Be Conscious.

      My Quit Started With Me Knowing Nothing But I Have An Intuition About Solutions.

      You Have To Pare It Down Into Bites Like Skygirl's Blog A Week Or So Ago.

      All I Did Was Say "I'm Going To Wait A Little Longer" When I Got The Urge To Smoke.

That Isn't Complex Is It?

The Unthinking Act Is Replaced By The Thinking Act.

You Get Off Autopilot Painlessly. In Doing So Your Routine Has Changed And Your Number Of Smokes Per Day Goes Down.

No Counting. No Pain.

      After 4 Weeks I Was Down To 5 A Day Without One Negative Thought About Stopping

      I Was Ready.

      I Had Never Set A Date To Stop.

I Bought My Last Pack On A Friday And Decided I'd Quit The Following Tuesday.


And So It Was.   :-)


      After You've Started Your Quit. Step Back When You Get A Crave. Be The Third Person Referee.

      I've Documented The Seed Ideas Based On What I've Seen, Heard And Learned From The Beginning.



Surefire Stubborn Crave Busters

Try Biting Into A Lemon Skin And All.

Try Sticking Your Head In The Freezer And Counting Backwards From 20.