Experiencing a rough day

Blog Post created by jmuzik on Apr 3, 2020

I hope I can remain strong today.  This stupid Covid19 is adding so much havoc to my life.  I'm ok and so is my family.  However, I have been basically confined to my house for weeks now.  My daughters are both in healthcare, one of which is pregnant- sooo  worried.  I have 2 grandchildren that I haven't seen for a month and probably won't get to for months to come.  I am very fortunate.  My home is paid off so I have a nice place to live.  I feel so socially isolated.  I do talk on the phone to my family pretty much every day but it's not the same.  I live with my 15 yo chihuahua.  She is a great comfort.  I talk to her a lot.  However she doesn't listen (she's hard of hearing) and never did master the art of conversation.  Just feeling down in the dumps.  I guess I'll be spending Easter with her at home this year.  Thought about how much fun and excitement  Easters used to be when I was a kid or when my adult children were kids.  I'm trying to keep busy but the weather is not permitting me to work in my garden.  I've cleaned and painted my entire house.  My sewing group at church is suspended indefinitely.  I am contemplating smoking.  I think this is why it's imperative to take 1 day at a time.  I am looking into making reuseable face masks for health care workers including the 1st responders at my volunteer