my mom is crazy rebel only weighs 13 pounds

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Feb 28, 2020

i took rebel to see dr mke and he said rebel is a beautiful csat. and hes not fat hes a big boy so i need to stop listening to mom she kept sayoing he was 15 pounds lol crazy crazy woman. lol he got his distemperment  and rabies shot.  but he started acting sluggish and not being his usual annoying hyper self. and i think he was tramatized from being forced inhis kitty box and he already knew something was up. and ive been letting him sleep in my bed at night so hedoesnt have to be scared he acted like hiis shoulders hurt from where he got his shot and i called  the vets and told them what was goining on. and asked if if it was normal for him to be laying down all the time?  they said it happens.but he was running laps this morning and is acting like his fuzzy stalker kitty he was so cute he was kinda laying on me purring and looking deeply into my eyews lol.