so when it rains it pours

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Jul 26, 2019

i have poiatic arthritis   and my dermatologist recommended i get light box therapy but they are in jackson but i have found light therapy boxes on amazon lol i emailed my skin doc and gave her the name of the light box. infectious disease docs I'm  bit underwhelmed she can't find the infection but i still have a uti and she said i could be still getting a fever  from inflammation of my mutifple sclerosis or my prostatec psoriasis  of from both  sometimes it just sucks being juniper confusion ! lol   its just no fun having a 100.x tempters either every night but i got an antibiotic for the uti and my dermatologist  said i am not to take  methotrexate because ill be in the same boat without the pebbles shortly down the road. sorry kids.