i told my brother off

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Apr 4, 2019
hey you shouldn't listen to Justin because he keepstelling her first she needed to get sober and then she cant see them until she get logan and Zoey back, and logan and Zoey arebeing taken better care and Rachel should still be able to see her boys still
and I don't give a **** if hes their dad she still their mom too I love you but jesus and its not like shes trying to get them back she wants to be able tosee them again and Justin is a major jerk I can send you all the bs he said to me and I told him repeatedly  its not ok to talk to me this way
I know you think I don't eat right I am doing the best I can I ride the bike and do tia chi and do reiki on myself everyday, and Rachel is doing great and she needs our support to help her through this too.. and if she ***** up again we will still be here waiting for her. recovery isn't a single person its the people around us who still love usand that is what she needs from us not some snarky coments say I hope you really do it this, SHE IS RIGHT NOW. She doing good for like a 190 days. we are her family and she needs us too
I have decided she needs her  big sister looking out for her. regardless if she she makes it.  
I shared this song with her and I figured shed like it and she listens to it a couple times before she leaves for work.  lol I think im surprising her I still know what music she likes.
I love her and ill walk with her and help her climb  over this mountain and tell her things will be ok and to just breath.
we are family and I know what shes going threw is hard but shes got this.
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