i give you my heart

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Jan 3, 2019

watching the thousands of chaos skipping around me digging out your mouse filled with cat nip

I was like I thought that was thrown away...lol

or I see him carrying one of those little plastic balls you get from those machines at stores..

it had cat nip in that too.

I don't know why you hide them are you hiding them from me?

im the one that filled them to begin with remember?

I loved watching you sleep and occasionally snored

you were so cute when I got back from my weeks long visit to the hospital you came running to me and gave me this look don't you ever leave me again!!

I remember when I had to drop you off at moms when i was leaving  my husband...now ex-husband.

you were safer at moms cause I had to go live at domestic harmony for 4 days, and when I walked in you came running up to me and jumped on top of a metal folding chair and I reacted like any mother would I wrapped my arms around you as the chair fell my silly perfect little man.

I woke up to you scratching your fleas at me.  

when grandma gave yo baths you would be crying for me to rescue you...

after she opened the door to came running to me and hid under my wheel chair I didn't have the heart to tell you the bath was my idea.

lol and I love how we were always together even in this little apt.  

we used to watch Roseanne together or supernatural or the walking dead. lol

I loved how unusual your purr was  and how you would run in circles while I patted and spanked  youre orange fuzzy butt.

I give you my heart but you see you've always had it just like ive always had yours.

and our love was fated kismet forever soulmates even through death

mommy june loves chaos with all that she was and had.

goodnight my perfect little man

our love curls around us of everything  we is.