i thought about you today

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Jan 1, 2019

as im pushing myself to go faster riding the bike.

I still have all your pictures out and I listen to the recording of your raptor purr

I smile  at all the times youd beg me for a banana peel to chew on

or the yogurt you almost knocked out of my hands.

you were so smart I would be yelling at you to not scratch youre face

you  would just give me this look and jump down from our bed

and do it still but not infront of me 

I know you set up the whole dr mike and my friend happening to know another red tabby

I know your worried about me.

but im working on it.

on myself.

I gave you all my love

attention even if you didn't want it

told you a million times a day and night I love my little perfect man

even though I saved you from the pound you saved me too

and ill always be grateful for you being in my life

and I feel youre energy work when  it gets really bad.

I know youre not gone, just because you passed away.

ill always love you



your mommy june