getting back on track finally...

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Dec 29, 2018

woke up at 5 am rode bike and did seated tia chi meditated,  I swear I can still hear you in our home,digging on the side of the couch with youre non existence claws, or you digging in the kitty litter.  even though the box was thrown out 2 weeks ago.  I swear I can still hear your raptor purr. or I can swear I see a flash of orange furr,and when I lay down to go to bed I say good night chaos love you.  and I light a candle for you to find youre way back to me.  I tuned on the fiber optic xmas tree just for you..i miss you like crazy, 

just breathe

the pain wont last forever, just our love is timeless epic golden.

finding youre soul mate and that love can fit in a life time  of beautiful bonding.

no one will ever replace that purr

I love you baby,

mommy june