im kinda ok no more headaches

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Nov 21, 2018

im kinda afraid to  say anything im glad nurse Rachel gave me the shot but she was arguing with me about getting another shot and antibiotics for my sinus infection, but im really scared I have built up a resistance to the anti biotics,sure I feel better now but what if what ever kinda infection I have is never leaving?  I know chaos is worried about me, we take naps together, or he poles me awake, and purrs his magical purr, I don't know what I did to deserve such a beautiful loving soul.   lol my friend chris gets really weirded out yelling at me while I was in the bathroom because he was waiting for me on the couch but  I couldn't   open the bathroom door and he was waiting for me on the other side of the door, I ususually leave all my doors open he hates closed doors, lol chris was like "chaos really loves you."  lol duh hes my soul mate furr baby.

ill find out in 3 days if nothing comes back then ill celebrate.


lots of purry love to my huge ex-smoking family,

chaos and june