peace of floating

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Nov 17, 2018

floating feeling the drum through the water,  

stay relaxed

feeling the tide off the boats race by

spins me around as I continue to float

seeing her in the distance

she was scared

being targeted by something evil

masses of her tribe

were screaming for something from her,

she starts to run as her heart was beating a million miles a minute,

she finally falls down as she is being force to drink wine

and she get caught

in her heart that has stopped an she 

is endlessly running on the water 

drinking something that turns her into a skull with cross bones

being trapped in the loop of her death.

she is so beautiful  when she runs

as she looks down at the woman floating in the water she looked so peaceful in the water

let go

forgive yourself 

and move on.

-2018 Juniper Confusion