#17 WOW

Blog Post created by jbollweg on Apr 13, 2018

Honestly guys I never quit smoking longer then 21/2 days Just have to keep thanking you all. I come here every day & sometimes I get so busy that I may almost miss but I'm amazed, really shocked that if I work this site honestly, I will never have to look back. Not perfect...didn't make it to that program like I meant to but I rescheduled. This blasted case of shingles & yea they are much better but sometimes still it will feel like someone in steel toe boots is kicking me in the side & back...anyway, hopefully they will be gone & By the way? I lost 8 more pounds so the total there is 24. My girlfriend Mary said I'm the only one she has ever known that has lost weight while quitting! Long way to go but if I can keep it up I won't need surgery either....OMG! Anyway, now trying NO patches & just gum unless a craving. I can do this with my higher powers help. Good Night all. > Jeanne B