con't 6 1/2 yrs quit

Blog Post created by janicesullenger on Sep 25, 2018

Hi again.  several of you know i came back after a long absence to let yall know i still haven't had a cigarette since Jan 4, 2012.  and we all know it's a struggle.  even when we never want to go back to it, we have days that we do want a smoke from time to time.  i don't like the smell of it at all anymore, i don't want my grandchildren to see me smoke but there are times occasionally i want one.  but what i didn't put in my last blog is something i want to share with each of you, especially you newbies.  i'm not here for i'm sorry's or any type of sympathy.  i'm not that type of person.  i just got my biopsy reports back.  i have 2 types of cancer.  one is skin cancer and that has nothing to do with why i'm in here, the other was squamous cell carcinoma of my vocal cord.  thankfully they got it all.  it was due to smoking.  i was in shock.  i've been quit almost 7 years.  he told me had i not quit the outcome would had been much worse.  i sat there wondering, what was i thinking, was that stupid cigarette worth this?  i have to go back every 6 weeks for the next 2 years to be checked now.  i always thought, nothing would ever happen to  me.  it happens to everyone else.  if this blog touches just one of  you, plz let me know.  i pray that it reaches someone to lay your pack down finally once and for all.  it's not worth smoking any longer.  i promise you, it's not worth it.  i smoked almost 38 years and quit cold turkey, use an aid to quit if you have to, talk to your dr, find a buddy to help you, be stubborn like me, whatever it takes.  get on here nightly, there are so many people here who would love to talk to you to help you through whatever you are going through to quit.  you're worth quitting for.