500 + days

Blog Post created by jandre9818 on Jun 13, 2018

Hi fellow Ex'ers,


On a night looking at a harvest moon, examining my life I made the decision to quit smoking.  Sure I'd attempted 3 times before, but this time felt serious.  I was turning 28 and I had been smoking seriously since I was 23.  It was only 5 years but those five years took a toll.  

It's been 520 days since i took my last puff. 500+ days since I said a phrase we are all too familiar with "this is my last box of cigarettes".  I did it for me. I did it for my future, my health, and to live unburdened and unchained by a need to puff away.  
It has been hell, its been mentally exhausting, draining.  There are times I wanted to give in an take that puff.  Hell there are still some days when, I crave the burn and thrill of lighting a stick.  But as I enter my 30s, I want to keep the promise I made to myself that night; I would not, could not enter a decade still dependent on cigarettes. 

To all those new in your journey, take it one day at a time. 

Set a goal, prepare for success and prepare for how you will deal with some failure.  But never ever ever let a slip up keep you down.  Life as an Ex is wayyyy better than you can imagine.