Joining the Human Beings

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Aug 14, 2017

Today I filled out paperwork to be a volunteer at MY local library on Tuesday and Thursdays in the early morning. Yesterday I joined MY community church within walking distance to MY new home in MY new neighborhood and volunteered there to help out where needed on Monday Wednesday and Friday in the early part of the day....I have never experienced such FREEDOM in personal exactly what I want to do in Christ freedom and love is amazing...I NEVER knew I had a CHOICE.... I always followed or just did stuff because others were...NEVER fully present in life let alone a full I am in the PRESENT of each moment of this day in Jesus name is GREAT for ME... please I am talking about ME so please take what helps and let go of the is so nice to hold a conversation with a total stranger....and NOT be responsible for the person....I can just be ME...they themselves...and continue on MY meet others in the moments....of a day.....just living and letting others live in Jesus name amen