Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Aug 6, 2017

I remember I had 3 months nicotine free and i received news my brother-in-love was killed by drunk driver... i blogged and the HELP came ....what to do during the first road trip without using nicotine... SUGGESTIONS from others who walked their talk by experience NOT from reading a book...I remember those here who CHOSE not to HELP.....I remember the little girl in ME who USE TO seek EVERYONE to approve of ME... i USE TO from the wounds of MY past life.... sucking on 50 nicotine death sticks a day over childhood issues I couldnt change..over MY past life ALL crap that was OVER.... I remember MY twisted perspective .....I USE TO THINK obsessively.... I WILL SMOKE AT THEM...I now... this day only....REMEMBER God has healed ME inside and outside to be of service to the next suffering nicotine share MY past RECOVERING STORIES... what I remember in MY EARLY days living without USING nicotine... I remember I blogged for HELP first BEFORE I used nicotine as an excuse because LIFE just happens at times... my friend Mary died of bone cancer and God willing i will go to funeral this town road trip ... i remember to blog first... NOT ONE PUFF OVER ME... everyone one WILL die..God willing I choose to die NICOTINE FREE in Christ Jesus name amen...please take what HELPS and let go of the rest... thank you. Gentle hug and please REMEMBER blog FIRST before you take that first puff...REMEMBER we will stay quit no matter what TOGETHER.