Must Not Detach

Blog Post created by indie_grrrl on Mar 21, 2018

Now that I am better, I can feel myself detaching from the idea to quit. This is why I am here writing. I don't want to give up before I start. 


Since I joined this, I am doing 2 things to help me quit: 

  • I am currently reading Allen Carr's "Easy Ways to Stop Smoking". Has anyone ever read it? Any thoughts? I should be reading it more but that is me detaching and not wanting to do the work of quitting. 
  • I made appointments with my doctor and psychiatrist. These appointments will determine that ever looming quit date.   


I feel like a sitting duck until I can get my depression under control. That was my biggest hurdle when I quit last and I know that once I figure out a plan with my psychiatrist, I can live a life that I have been dreaming about for a long time. 


Until next time my friends.