Millions of reasons to be smoke free.

Blog Post created by hilaryjo68 on Feb 16, 2018

There are millions of reasons to be smoke free again.  Among the many....

  • I have a health condition that will get much worse if I keep smoking.

  • If I am smoke free many I will do better at work/school/people

  • I will look better.

  • It may really make me feel better --I feel very bad.

  • Maybe I will spend less money or save money.

  • I will help my concentration more.  Maybe my head will clear and I will be able to do more.

  • I will be able to afford more and have more opportunities.

  • It will be easier for me to relax and rest

  • Maybe people will not hate me so much

  • I won't have to be dependent on the drug nicotine

  • I will be more in control of my life, feelings, and attention span.

  • Maybe I won't die of something awful.

  • I won't be dependent on other people with cigarettes--like Roger.#