Playground Rules

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Jul 12, 2019

I am sure as you all entered the playground you saw the list of rules at the entrance.  Rules are important to keep unruly behavior to a minimum. Or maybe you saw the rules by the swings.  We can't have people swinging to high, you know.  Did you see the rules by the sand box?  Or the Jungle Gym?


No, there are no posted rules here.


We are all here for one reason.  To enjoy life as we keep that bully nicotine away from us and our friends.  I am working to stay away from the bully, and I am here to support those others who are doing the same.  And we are all being supported by the Elders who have gone before us.  They are here to praise us, to support us, to teach us, and yes, sometimes to scold us a bit.


And that is my point here.  We have many different people who present things in many different ways.  And we all respond to things in many different ways.  The beauty of the playground is with all the ideas and ways of presenting those ideas, you are bound to find something that makes sense to you.


And if you read something that isn't helpful for you?  That is okay, too.


Just move to the next comment, for while it may not help you, it very well could be exactly what the next person needs.


So lets all head to the merry go round, and see how fast we can get it going!