No Embarrassment Allowed!

Blog Post created by gregp136 on Apr 27, 2017

I look around the playground, and I miss seeing some familiar faces.  There are a few people I have not seen in a while.  I have looked by the slide, the jungle gym, and the swings.  I walked around the whole pond, and even through a lot of the paths in the woods. 


Maybe they have been busy, and just can’t come to the playground as much.


Maybe they have homework.


Or their dad is making them clean their room.


Or do dishes.


Or something.


But…..Maybe…..Just maybe…


They smoked, and are ashamed to come into the playground now. If that is you, please get over your embarrassment.  As a group, most of us have failed in quitting, some, like me, a lot.  And yes, we can be pretty strong in our pushing people not to fail.  That is because we know what failure is like.  We do not want others to feel that.


But if you do fail, I promise, we will still support you!  You are still welcomed on the playground!  Please come and play, and we will try again.  I have heard people use the term “serial quitter”.  It is used negatively.  I understand that.  But I also understand that people could easily call me that.  Yet I am here on the playground, my head high, and 41 days into 50th quit in the last 3 years. 


Call me anything you want!  I am not embarrassed by my failures.  And please, if you have failed, come back, let’s sit in the sandbox and talk about it!


I will not judge you. 


I promise!


Just please, come outside and play with us!